1UP USA Quik-Rack

1UP USA is a small company in Platteville, Wisconsin that just happens to have a patent on a bike rack design. Their rack, the Quik Rack, is one of the highest rated racks on MTBR. Although there isn’t a lot of info on this rack I decided to trust the reviews of others and buy it sight unseen.

I’m impressed. The workmanship is excellent. There is not a single piece of plastic or rubber on this rack but rather all machined aluminum. The joints pivot smoothly, the levers are simple and effective. I especially like the ‘unique corner expander ball’ because it provides an extremely tight fit into the hitch receiver. It is every bit as easy as others have said it is.

Although this rack is expensive, between quality, service, and price I choose the former. Best of all this means less time spent fiddling with racks and straps and more time riding.

1UP USA – Quik Rack
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