Fix It!

The mower Amy and I own was bought new in the summer of 2010. It is a Troy Built with a Honda engine. It has run extremely well considering neither of us has done any maintenance on it in 5 years, save sharpening the blade.

So, this August I took it upon myself to give it some love

  1. Replace the air filter
  2. Clean the fuel line
  3. Clean the carburetor
  4. Replace the air and fuel gaskets
  5. Change the spark plug
  6. Change the oil

In researching the GCV-160 engine I also discovered Randy, my father-in-law, has a pressure washer with the same engine. His had been sitting outside for about 5 years and didn’t run though. I figured I’d order the parts for both and test my mechanic skills.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking, suffice to say both jobs went really well. The engines are thanking me!

I only have pictures from the pressure washer job though:

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