The Ride v2.0

In early June I was riding around Lake Fayetteville and somehow managed to snap my front derailleur cable.  I know this is a pretty easy fix however I decided that if I was going to fix the cable I might as well put some $$$ into the bike.  So I did, I picked up these components from

The parts came in but with LocalMissionProject going on at church I had little time to install them. Finally I had some free time and got everything going. I took it slow because I haven’t worked on many bikes before. Fortunately, ParkTool has an excellent library of How-To’s for everything I needed. It took me a while but I finally have the bike in proper order to really attack the trail again. Today, everything became well worth it when I did a lap around the lake in under 30 minutes for the first time in a year!

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